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  1. Patient Information & Case History database
  2. Tax Invoices - Receipts - Stock Control
  3. Cash Book, Accounting, BAS
  4. Appointment database
  5. Knowledge database
  6. Overall Health Appraisal System & the Health Graph
  7. NeuroGraph - Neurotransmitter & Mood Disorder Analysis
  8. Prescriptions & Correspondence
  9. Herbal Prescriptions - Auto-calculate your formulas to the cent!
  10. BIA (part 1) - Body Composition Analysis system
  11. BIA (part 2)
  12. Reminders - Promises
  13. Pathology Results - Biochemistry Assessment
  14. Problem Areas - front / back body views
  15. Marketing - Business & Practice Building
  16. Training and Support

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