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FINALLY!! … The paperless office is no longer a dream

Practice Management

Having practice management software is essential to run your practice efficiently and effectively. Our software enables you to focus on the most important part of your practice; patient care. Utilising practice management software allows you to access patient information at a fingertip to manage all facets of patient care, from prescriptions to detailed medical histories. Our software is easy to use and will improve patient outcomes through better patient management which in turn will lead to improved patent retention.

With HealthQuest, at the click of a button, you have instant access to: –

  • Complete patient details

  • Full patient history

  • Appointments

  • Tax invoices, receipts, accounting package

  • Prescriptions

  • Reminders, follow – ups

  • Powerful marketing systems

  • Detailed patient information sheets

  • Health Appraisal Graphs

  • Neurotransmitter Graphs

  • Biochemistry assessments

  • Bio-impedance / Body Composition analysis

This powerful yet easy to use program will revolutionize your practice, allowing you to achieve the success you deserve. HealthQuest will help you to build and run your practice more efficiently and give you more free time, to do whatever you want.

The HealthQuest team work closely with BioConcepts who distribute Orthoplex, Pure Innovation and Dr Vera’s products. Our software includes Henry Osiecki’s treatment protocols and BioConcepts handbooks and weight loss and detoxification as well as Henry’s work on cancer and nutrition. Although we do not work solely with BioConcepts for example our knowledge database contains a Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal materia medica database.

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HealthQuest BIA System

Increase the Success of Your Weight Loss and Weight Management Programs with the HealthQuest BIA System

Wouldn’t it be great if you had highly motivated patients, excited about returning to check their progress?

Your patients will love to see the changes to their body composition taking place as a result of your
recommended health programs.

The Segmental Bio-Impedance Analysis system allows you to measure a patient’s physique and inner health, starting with children as young as 5!

This state of the art measuring instrument has four foot pads ensuring better contact and hand held contacts for bilateral and segmental readings giving you superior accuracy.

Measurements include weight, total body fat, segmental body fat measurement of each arm, each leg and trunk area, visceral fat, total body and segmental muscle mass readings, total body water, bone mass and metabolic age.

Readings for abdominal fat levels and other important risks factors for heart disease are provided. Provides all important protein and calorie recommendations together with colourful reports for your patients.

HealthQuest’s latest BIA system provides much more than competing systems and offers you great value and at only a fraction of the cost of other BIA programs that sell for as much as $7,800 (e.g. VLA™).

The BIA tutorials in the form of mini-movies provided with your software package offer you training from the comfort of your own home or office. With the HealthQuest BIA system you’ll have happy, successful clients who will give you more quality referrals that will help you build your practice!

Now HealthQuest BIA comes with the Health Appraisal and Neurograph databases with no additional cost!

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Available on Windows

HealthQuest is available on both Mac and PC


HealthQuest is available on both Apple and Windows


Contact HealthQuest Brisbane office:

Quest for Health – Michael Rath

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Contact HealthQuest Melbourne office:

Naturopathic Care – Jason Eldridge

m:0422 731 477

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The HealthQuest Patient & Practice Management System will help you to-

 Build your practice

 Increase your income

 Improve your treatment success rate

 Manage your patients and practice easily and efficiently

 Have greater long-term patient retention time and reduce your stress levels

This powerful but very easy to use program will revolutionise your practice, allowing you to achieve the success you deserve in terms of both treatments provided and profitability.

HealthQuest is your one stop shop for getting things done within your practice in the shortest possible time, with minimal fuss.

Naturopathic Software

Naturopathic Clinic Software

HealthQuest Software is suitable to the following modalities… Acupuncture, Alexander Technique Teacher, Aromatherapy,  Chinese Medicine, Chiropractology, Dietetic,  Exercise Physiology, Exercise Classes (Gym ,Yoga or Pilates), Feldenkrais Method, Herbology / Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology, Massage Therapy, Midwifery, Myotherapy, Naturopathy,  Nutrition, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry (Orthotics), Psychology, Reflexology, Remedial Massage, Rolfing, Shiatsu Therapy

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