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Dr Elizabeth Owings M.D.

Pediatrician / Surgeon

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Movie 1…Who is at risk of sudden death in Australia from a heart attack? Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) — or massive heart attack — as it is sometimes known, which kills an estimated 33,000 people in Australia alone each year, can strike anyone. Even a seemingly healthy person can suffer cardiac arrest without warning. According to the American Heart Association® (AHA), as many as 50% of SCA victims have no prior indication of heart disease — their first symptom is cardiac arrest.

Movie 2…Cardiovascular Disease Kills More People in Australia than All Cancers combined. Treating, Preventing and Reversing Cardiovascular Disease is now possible using a combination of four nutritional supplements.

Movie 3…Arginine, citrulline and the nitric oxide they produce are the key to reversing erectile dysfunction in 90% of men suffering from this condition. This treatment not only helps to restore erectile function in those men but unlike Viagra it also helps to reverse atherosclerosis, the condition that is behind the loss of erections and sexual performance in these men.

Movie 4… Arginine is used by the Herpes virus for growth, but this need not be a problem when using the arginine and citrulline treatment. By elimination refined carbohydrates and sugar as well as increasing anti-oxidants intake, vitamin C, zinc and the amino acid Lysine, Herpes outbreaks can be prevented.