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Financial Management

Maintaining your financial records with HealthQuest saves you enormous amounts of time and money, not to mention headaches come tax time! Plan for your financial future with much more success.

The Cash Book allows you to enter financial details such as credits, expenses, payments, banking, credit cards and inventory.

You can do your BAS return in a fraction of the time it would take you to do your return manually with just the click of a button.


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The Financial Management System includes:

•   Tax invoices – receipts
•   Daily takings
•   Cash flow reports
•   Income
•   Expenses
•   Payments
•   Liabilities
•   Debt destroyer
•   Business builder
•   Budgeting
•   Cash book
•   BAS reports


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Invoices – Receipts

The Tax Invoice – Receipts database is a vital part of HealthQuest’s practice and financial management system.

The straightforward Receipts program has many great features, including integration with several programs, such as the stock control system. Your stock will order itself!


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Daily Takings & Sales Reports

At the end of the day you can check on DAILY TAKINGS and SALES and generate a wide range of reports – more than enough to suit everyone’s needs.


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Stock Control and Ordering

As you add items to your client’s receipt using the quick-entry system, the items are automatically deducted from your current stock levels, keeping your stock control levels in balance.

You can manage your stock and dispensary with ease. You can automatically check your stock levels to detect stock losses and to prevent over or under stocking levels.


5HTP Queensland Only



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Automated Stock Ordering

HealthQuest has an Auto-Order ability that makes stock ordering a quick and easy process. You can let the program automatically set what stock and quantities to order or manually decide for yourself. Once you have decided what stock to order, you can send your orders to your suppliers via fax or email.




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Automated BAS Reports and Calculations

Once you have your Expensed and Payments entered into the Cash Book and your Receipts and Payment of Receipts up to date, you can do your BAS at the click of a button!