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Herbal Prescriptions & Formulas

Herbal Prescriptions

You’ll love not having to average out the cost of herbal prescriptions, which can leave you out of pocket, particularly if you are using some expensive herbs in the formula.

HealthQuest automatically calculates the exact price of a herbal formula to the cent, instantly.

The Herbal Prescription database also gives you immediate access to any of a patient’s previously prescribed herbal formulas.


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Your Favourite Herbal Formulas Database

You can create and save your own favourite tried and true herbal formulas in the Herbal Formula Database. Whenever you need to use one of your formulas, you can instantly find it and import it into a new herbal prescription for a particular patient.

The formula can then be modified as necessary to suit that individual patient’s needs. This saves you having to remember the makeup of all the formulas that you have found to be very effective in practice.

All those formulas are all there waiting for you for whenever you need them, instantly available at the click of a button.


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