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knowledge DB

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HealthQuest’s powerful and easy-to-use Knowledge Database gives you rapid access to an extensive range information, including –

………….. • Supplement data
………….. • Treatment protocols
………….. • Patient information sheets
………….. • Food chemical sensitivity lists
………….. • Herbal medicine (Chinese & Western) information

A ‘Quick Notes‘ database is included that allows you to store research information, images, web addresses … in fact anything you would like to store for instant access, such as phone numbers, banking details etc.

The Knowledge Database allows you to create your own protocols and save any other information you choose plus you can edit any record, existing protocols, dietary and lifestyle advice etc.

The HealthQuest Knowledge Database is a powerful tool available whenever you need it for instant information retrieval and its use is limited only by your imagination.


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Supplements / Products




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Recommendations for Body Systems





Treatment Protocols




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Natural Food Chemical Lists

Quick Notes


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Quick Notes

To use Quick Notes you first create a new record then –


  1. Type whatever information you want to save into the details field – or –
  2. You can copy information (e.g. from the web) and paste it into the record
  3. Then enter an appropiate heading into the Heading field
  4. Any time in the future you can search for information in the either the Heading field or in the Details field and find that information instantly!


Quick Notes


Dual Mauve


Quick Notes – Images

You can store images, photos in your Quick Notes records. This is important when you have images that you have captured for your web searches that relate to the information you have found and stored in Quick Notes.

Quick Notes 3


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Quick Notes – Internet Addresses – Multiple Links

You can store web addresses in your Quick Notes record and then go back to that website immediately with just the click of a button. You can even store a series of internet addresses and go to any one of them instantly. This is extremely helpful when you are doing research and find yourself going from website to website following a research trail.

Quick Notes 2