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Managing Practice Marketing

Improving the relationship with your patients and building their trust in you as a practitioner will help you to achieve better patient compliance, improved treatment results and more repeat visits.

By providing personalised communications with carefully tailored information to assist them on their quest for health you will help to establish and build that trust and compliance. And of course happy patients will provide new high quality referrals from happy patients.

Marketing that is focussed on meeting a client’s needs is much more likely to be successful.


For example, you can create marketing programs for:

   • Birthdays … everyone loves to have their birthday remembered!


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   • Monthly Newsletters … Newsletters provide a useful tool for maintaining contact or reconnecting with
patients you have not seen for a while.

   • Patient education seminars … can be a great source of new clients.

   • Information Mail-outs … can be sent to patients with a particular condition such as Arthritis.

   • Re-Activate Patients … who have not been to see you for 3 or 6 months and send them information
that will encourage them to come back to see you.


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A person can be on as many different marketing programs as you wish. Using HealthQuest’s marketing system you can develop marketing campaigns that are designed to focus on specific problems that a group of patients may be experiencing.

In addition to personalised mail outs, you can implement an entire marketing program via email that won’t cost you a cent!


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Many different Marketing Reports are available Instantly!


For example, if you would like to find out just where the majority of your clients come from just click on the POSTCODE or SUBURB buttons and all of the client’s on your database will be instantly sorted and the numbers of clients and the areas they come from will be detailed in the report.


The powerful Marketing Engine within HealthQuest will help you build your practice and generate higher level of income much more rapidly than manual methods or any other method of marketing.


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The success you deserve will be yours with the help of HealthQuest!