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What Other Practitioners are saying about HealthQuest

Isabelle Taye ND, B.H.Sc (Comp Med), JP

In the past year since starting my business, HealthQuest has been with me every step of the way. It has so many great functions from the diary which helps me see what I’m doing every day to the intuitive patient management system.

This allows me to not only input client details but allows me to personalise their treatment through the seamless integration of the Tanita scales. This has been amazing for patient compliance as they can actually see progress they have made.

The HealthQuest Patient and Practice system also has an astoundingly large knowledge database which is great for referencing. The best part about this particular feature is that you can continue to add new research and information to it!

In terms of marketing, HealthQuest is great. It has the capabilities to not only keep track of your marketing ideas but can calculate client values, remind you of client birthdays and generate newsletters which can be sent out to clients monthly to maintain contact.

The best part is there are already some preset ideas already in there!

HealthQuest is able to manage every aspect of my financial records, complete with a receipt system that is able to be personalised to suit your needs. It allows me to keep track of credits and expenses quickly and easily whilst being able to generate BAS statements. Having never been numerically minded, this is a true blessing.

It is not so much the individual parts of this software that make it useful, but the way each function is easily and logically integrated.

Admittedly, it did take me some time to understand this and become familiar with the software. However, a few days of “getting to know each other” and I am now confident that this is the software for me.

Thank you to Michael, Jason and all at HealthQuest for this software and their continued help and support.


Albert Park Naturopathic Centre – Jill Thomas

Dear Jason,

A quick note to thank you sincerely for all the valuable assistance you have so graciously provided regarding my (very basic) questions about HealthQuest!

Since purchasing the system earlier this year I have had a number of teething problems; some relate to my very basic computing skills (thanks for your patience!) and others to fine-tuning matters with the program itself.

Both you and Michael have always been available, obliging and patient.

The training movies which come with the system are certainly very helpful, but it is always so much more helpful to clarify matters with a professional user and designer!

HealthQuest is a naturopath’s dream. Many thanks indeed Jason.


Yours truly, Jill Thomas


Oriental Acupuncture Klinik

We here at the Oriental Acupuncture Klinik like to take this opportunity to thank you for the latest HealthQuest program.

At our clinical premises, we have been using your Professional Program Suite since 1998. Nothing is pleasing us more so than the latest release of HealthQuest. Most flexible in design and demand to a modern and a busy clinical setting, it gives accurate and up-to date (on a push of a button) financial, managerial and operational control.

It blends smoothly in its design, and is geared for even the toughest task such as the GST, Marketing Strategies and simple day-to-day accounting (which it does behind the scene effortlessly and fast).

In particular, we would like to mention the new enhancement in the ‘Patient Profile’, which allows all relevant information to be accessible on one page – a real asset to us here where the patient still counts as a ‘Person’.

The secure data base sure is an enhancement which hopefully none of us will ever need to use in future but sure will stand up to it secure levels (…for the unexpected).

Personally, I have to thank you for your very personal efforts for the times you where always available for feedback and help. – To me it meant all the difference, as I prefer to purchase a Professional Program Suite not only designed by an experienced practitioner but somebody who respects and implement the increasing need for a growing profession in Natural Medical Matters.

It is by far the Best ‘Back-up Service’ I have ever received of all available similar Products on the Australian Market. I am looking forward to future versions of this suite and if you would ask me to recommend it to any practitioner either already using similar products, or the newcomer to electronic record keeping in a professional practice management-style, my answer would definitely be ‘YES’.

I hope that all those who are interested in the Welfare of their Patients taking this reliable option of HealthQuest on board and put their focus back into the consultation while the HealthQuest program suite does the rest.


Bernd Schulte


Aquarius Naturopathic Clinic

I have been a user of your software since 1997. As no other data base has come up to scratch, I have used a few, I thought it was perhaps time to express my pleasure in using your software and my gratitude for the time you afforded in developing your software, Ryoduraku and now the Bio-Impedance Analysis.

Your latest improvements are most helpful with the scripts and the Assessment-Diagnostic System.

Thank you for always willing to assist in resolving problems which have been mostly user issues. To me it has been money well spent with great backup service!

Thank you again.

Marysia de Klerk


Leesa Webb – Naturopath

My name is Leesa Webb, I am a naturopath based on the Gold Coast (Queensland). I have used the HealthQuest program in my business for over 10 years. I have found it a great way to collate marketing data i.e. your can do a search on health funds and send specific marketing to fund members of a specific fund. Or isolate a specific suburb, occupation etc., this can be very useful.

It is fantastic for storing all patient data such as personal details, treatment regimes, test results etc.

I have found it to be a reliable efficient program. I think any natural therapist from body workers to doctors would find it an invaluable tool in any size practice.

Leesa Webb