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Getting started with HealthQuest is a breeze. Our new and convenient training method uses a combination of direct computer-to-computer support using the amazing TeamViewer software, plus a series of mini-movies that are loaded onto your computer when HealthQuest is installed. There are over 7.5 hours of mini-movies that cover all aspects of the program. The mini-movies run on the average from 1 to 5 minutes.

You only need to watch the mini-movie that covers the part of the program that you wish to learn about at the time
and not plow through the whole lot. This gets you up and running with any area of the program much more easily
and rapidly.


Telephone Support: Live, expert technical support* for HealthQuest is available on 03 9328 1321 during normal business hours (9 am to 5 pm). Best of all, this tech support is FREE for a full 12 MONTHS from the time of purchase!

Email Support for HealthQuest: We provide FREE email support* for 12 MONTHS after your purchase of HealthQuest.

On-Line Support: We provide On-Line support* for HealthQuest for 12 MONTHS after your purchase of HealthQuest. We can, with your permission, link in with your computer and work on your HealthQuest program while you watch.
This saves a lot of time and confusion when a problem occurs or if you need help when starting out.

*Support DOES NOT cover problems caused by your computer’s operating system or hardware or other software on your computer.


Our aim is to have you up and running with HealthQuest as soon as possible, plus provide you with support when you have problems with the minimum amount of fuss and stress